Map Making And Geographic Data Display


We specialise in providing clear keyed maps on which we can geocode any form of geographical related data, the examples below show a basic map and a keyed map showing the distribution a particular habitat (in this example Machair - see habitats) overlaid on the basic mapping. We select the best visualisation option for the data being displayed to ensure you have a clear and understandable map to use on your website or in your documentation.

Basic Mapping



Displaying data on a map can take various forms, in it's simplest form it is merely showing an area that has certain characteristics such as on the map below showing the distribution of Machair environment on North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. More complex representations can show data quantitatively to plot densities such as animal distributions, footfall on a path, traffic volumes on a road or visitors to a tourist attraction etc..

Distribution of Machair in North Uist

- Machair



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